Friday, November 6, 2009

Episode 27: Online Classes with Stefanie Japel

I had the privilege to chat with THE Stefanie Japel last night about her new online classes.

Have you wanted to learn how to knit items that Fit and Flatter your body? Well, that is what Stefanie wants to teach you. There are only a few classes being offered right now but more will soon come.

The classes are wonderful in these economic times and a great way to take your knitting to the next level. Go, Take a look at her new site and sign up for a class :-)


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Episode 26: Let the new season begin!

Yep, I am back and it is time to chat about knitting and crochet.

I talked about a lot of different things in this episode but some of the stuff I can think about off the top of my head are... BEST BLOG EVER! NEW CROCHET MAGAZINE (I have a couple of pieces in this one) THE UNOFFICIAL MAGAZINE OF THE CROCHET LIBERATION FRONT AWESOME NEW ONLINE MAGAZINE FOR CROCHET AND CREATIVE LIVING NEW WEBSITE FOR SUSAN (Pigeon Guts Purple Lady :-) NEW DVD WORKSHOP CLASSES: Cables, Fair Isle, and the different seasons GET SEASON 1 & 2 ON DVD! WANT TO SEE THE LIST OF PEOPLE ON THE SHOW THIS SEASON? BOOKS ON CD...Love them!!!

OH...I made a bag for the new season of Knit and Crochet Today (I think the name is changing but I am not sure what it will be called). Do you want to see it? I can give you a peek!