Monday, January 28, 2008

Episode 25: Yarn, Books and Rant oh my

Music (60 second clips)

Jack and Diane by John Mellencamp
R.O.C.K in the U.S.A. by John Mellencamp


Vanna's Choice Yarn by Lion Brand
Red Heart Super Saver by Coats and Clark
Touch Me Chenille...This is Worming!
Bernat Natural Blend Alpaca
Patons Rumor


101 Designer One Skein Wonders (lack of Crochet!)
Son of a Stitch and Bitch (not my cup of tea Crochet!)
Knitting Nature
Interweave Harmony Stitch Books
Kristen Knits
Vogue Knitting Ultimate Sock Book
Cables Untangled
Barbara Walker Books
Romantic Knits
Sensual Crochet (Plus Sizes!!)
200 Braids to twist, knot, loop, or weave (must have for a knitter or crocheter)
Knitters Book of Yarn
Knitters Handy Book of Sweater Patterns
The Sweater Workshop

Yarn Stores:

Knit Knack
Showers of Flowers
Posh a yarn Boutique

30 Stitch Guage Swatch

This is from Cheryl Oberle and I hope I have this right!

If you CO 30 stitches for a guage swatch. Measure your swatch and if you are getting more or less of the amount of stitches you need per inch for each needle size you go up or down your swatch will go up or down 1/2 and inch.
**if this is incorrect...CHERYL will let me know!**

Designers I admire!!:

Robyn Chachula

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