Saturday, December 17, 2011

Simply Crochet: Tallula Top

And...we're back :-)  That's right, the next stop on the Simply Crochet blog tour stops in here today for the last time.  So far you have seen some of the simply WONDERFUL crochet that can be found in this book.  I don't know about you but I find it inspiring.  Behind the designs there is a collection of talented designers that is amazing.  Not to mention the uber talented Robyn Chachula is no secret that she is my absolute favorite crochet designer and I am thrilled that I can call her my friend.

So, let's get on with the party :-)  I told you all about the Botan Placemats that I did as a 3 ball project but I didn't tell you about the other project I did.

The Tallula Top is a little girls top made out of the timeless beauty of crocheted motifs around the body coupled with textured griddle stitch, makes this a perfect piece for every little girl.  I made it without too much fuss or frill so it will look great made oversized and worn as a dress or fitted and worn as a top.  I do want to mention that if you are making this for a little girl who still puts small objects in her mouth choose a different closure than the buttons as I don't want her to choke...okay?

I used the wonderful Spud and Chloe Fine and I have to tell you I simply LOVED it!  Such wonderful luster to the yarn, it felt great in my hands and it blocked beautifully.  I would put this yarn on my top ten.  Yes, I loved it that much.

So, how long did it take me to make this?  It took me about a week of working on it consistently.  Actually, while my youngest was in preschool I would go to a place called Einstein Bagels and work on my projects.  Which means I can honestly say that I spent a week of 4.5 hours a day on this project.  Not long at all if you think about it.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Simply Crochet: Botan Placemats

Welcome to the next stop in the Simply Crochet Blog Tour. I am your host, Marly Bird! I have two designs in this great book but today we are going to talk about the 3 Ball project, the Botan Placemats. 

--You know what, let me begin by telling all of you what a great idea I think this book is. So many people I know (knitters usually) tell me that they don't crochet because it takes so much yarn and that they never can find anything that they like that actually doesn't take that much yarn. Well, the next time I hear that I am going to hand them this book. It is FULL of absolutely fantastic items that maximize the value of the yarn but don't compromise on style.--

Anyway, let's get on with the show :-)

The idea for the  Botan Placemeats (ravelry link) came from a felted coaster I made myself out of some scrap Stitch Nation, Full of Sheep yarn I had left over from working with Debbie Stoller (that is a whole different story).  The coaster is a simple two row color repeat stripey thing that sits to the left of my computer and is absolutely perfect.  I love this coaster and thought that a set of cute felted placemats would look wonderful on my kitchen table.

When I saw this inspiration photo I though that making the placemats felted just like my coaster would be perfect.  They have clean lines and are not too busy which are two things I like.  But it needed that little extra something.  So, I pulled out one of my MANY crochet stitch dictionaries and made the little Botan Flowers and stitched them to the placemat.  The flowers are the little touch that makes them cute, don't you think?

Are you on a time crunch?  I made these in about a day and a half.  SERIOUSLY! Actually, I had enough time from the deadline that made two sets to play around with colors.  Check out the other color option you could do.

As for yarn amount, these placemats literally use just about every last bit of yarn of yarn in the three skeins.  I had maybe 24" left of each color.  Not bad huh?

So,if you are looking for a quick, inexpensive and easy project or a gift for the holidays or a house warming these are perfect! Go and favorite them on Ravelry would ya? want a prize?  SURE...I am the Oprah of the Podcast world...let's spread the love here too!
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