Wednesday, June 13, 2007

SUMMER KAL - CAL Purse Round-up! Episode 13

So, finally, the Summer KAL - CAL is ready to go! go to to find out all the details!

Sharon from She-Knits the Podcast is my Partner in Crime! Go check out her new show!

Music this episode (60 sec clips)
The Joker by Steve Miller Band
Kiss by Prince
Rocking in the chair by Marvin Hamlisch for The Mirror Has Two Faces
The Way You Look Tonight
by Tony Bennet in My Best Friends Wedding
Cuban Pete Jim Carry in The Mask

Here's who has contributed/donated prizes so far:
GRAND PRIZE PACKAGE (and still growing):

If you are interested in DONATING PRIZES..drop me a line!

We will accept donations until September 2, 2007

Thank you Dawn at for letting me air your Fantasy Island story and thank you for all the help you have given to me! Sherlock wouldn't be anything without his Watson!

Interweave Crochet: Jill will have a pattern published in the winter 2007 issue! Way to go JILL!

ODEO me with suggestions for Knitting/Crochet Group Etiquette! The link to ODEO is on my sidebar! Or go to

Thank you to all the wonderful listeners and please know that I
appreciate you immensely!
Please, keep commenting and leaving good hopefully reviews!



knitting2relax said...

OK, I've known about this for a week, but now I'm freaking out. :)

Anonymous said...

I think Dawn should do more reading like this, she has a great voice and tells the story very lively!

And I am so excited about the kalcal! Even if I am making two purses at the same time I am planning the next in my head.
So thanks for getting this together Marly! And as always Great podcast.

Diane Lovell said...

Great podcast Marly! :)