Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Leave a message at the beep...

Okay, so I just had a thought as I was sitting here writing out an outline for the next episode (yes, I am still here...just had to take an injury time-out). I am dedicating the next episode to Annie (you all know how much I adore her) and I thought it would be great if others who wanted to share their love with her could do so!

That is where the idea came in...You all know that Annie listens to my podcast (at least that is what she told me) so I was thinking...what if I filled the podcast with well wishes from some of her other devoted fans?

If you want to send a big cyber hug, a little message, or wonderful woolly prayers...please do so! I have an Odeo account (Look at my sidebar) where you are able to leave messages. If you leave a positive message for Annie, I will play it on the podcast.

Let's all send out some LOVE!

Also, I made some buttons for We Love Annie Modesitt site...just click here...

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