Monday, January 28, 2008

Episode 25: Yarn, Books and Rant oh my

Music (60 second clips)

Jack and Diane by John Mellencamp
R.O.C.K in the U.S.A. by John Mellencamp


Vanna's Choice Yarn by Lion Brand
Red Heart Super Saver by Coats and Clark
Touch Me Chenille...This is Worming!
Bernat Natural Blend Alpaca
Patons Rumor


101 Designer One Skein Wonders (lack of Crochet!)
Son of a Stitch and Bitch (not my cup of tea Crochet!)
Knitting Nature
Interweave Harmony Stitch Books
Kristen Knits
Vogue Knitting Ultimate Sock Book
Cables Untangled
Barbara Walker Books
Romantic Knits
Sensual Crochet (Plus Sizes!!)
200 Braids to twist, knot, loop, or weave (must have for a knitter or crocheter)
Knitters Book of Yarn
Knitters Handy Book of Sweater Patterns
The Sweater Workshop

Yarn Stores:

Knit Knack
Showers of Flowers
Posh a yarn Boutique

30 Stitch Guage Swatch

This is from Cheryl Oberle and I hope I have this right!

If you CO 30 stitches for a guage swatch. Measure your swatch and if you are getting more or less of the amount of stitches you need per inch for each needle size you go up or down your swatch will go up or down 1/2 and inch.
**if this is incorrect...CHERYL will let me know!**

Designers I admire!!:

Robyn Chachula

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Yarn Thing Podcast Group
Cabled Scarf and Hat Kal!
Crochet Liberation Front


Heather D. said...

Am I the only one having trouble downloading this episode? I can't get it from itunes or from the my podcast site. I need my Yarn Thing!! :)

YarnThing said...

I am having some serious problems with MYPODCAST.COM right now. I just deleted the episode that was posted earlier today because it was all messed up.

I just re uploaded it and now it is telling me there are some problems. Hopefully this will be fixed soon or I will just have to try again tomorrow.

Sorry all! I am really trying to get this up here...the computer powers are not letting it happen :-)


Anonymous said...

I can't download #25 either . . . but I see you are on it. You'll figure it out. These things can be soooo frustrating!

Hamilton Hamilton

Heather D. said...

Thanks Marly! I'll keep my eye open for the episode today. Ahhh technology! :)

Anonymous said...

Marly, I have just started listening to your podcast and you are as good as they come. I just love you and can relate to just about everything you say. The only difference is that my dear son is grown. I wanted you to know that I gave you a shout out on my blog and I hope that all of my readers give you a listen.

Jersey Shore Deb said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one having problems--let us know when this episode is ready, Marly! I enjoy listening to your wonderful laugh!

Jeri said...

Last night (1/29) the download wouldn't work. Now (1/30) the new episode is not there, on iTunes, to try to download. :-(

YarnThing said...

Okay, I deleted the episode and had to re-record almost 30 minutes of it! AUGHHH. However, IT IS UP!! Finally, I have all the kinks worked out and I hope it was worth the wait :-)

Enjoy and let me know what you think :-)


Denise said...

Where can I find a baby /child's rolled brim hat pattern? Any online? (I've got my first granddaughter to knit for now and well, this would be a fun knit project)

Love your podcast, it makes me day when you have uploaded a new one. I like your encouraging crochet, fashionable, updated, non-granny looking projects. Keep up being the crusader for fabulous crochet patterns.

Hugs from Oklahoma,

YarnThing said...

Hi Denise!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Itty Bitty Hats book by Susan B. Anderson!! It is simply the best book for little baby up to 4 year old hats!

The rolled brim hat I made is from that book. I am telling you, especially if you have a little grand baby on the way...YOU HAVE TO GET THIS BOOK!!

There is also a new one our called Itty Bitty Nursery...equally as cute and definately a must have!

You go girl...let me know how it turns out :-)


Terrie D. (StarSpry) said...

Way to go, Marly! I'm so glad you got your submission turned in to Interweave Press :D

I hope to see you at Knit Knack soon!!