Sunday, May 11, 2008

Episode 36: Crochet Dude

Winners are announced!!!

First, it is funny, I went to several of the listeners blogs and there was nothing about Yarn Thing. Not a button on the side bar, not a post about how outrageously funny I am (lol), not even a link to the podcast! I thought about leave messages saying "You almost won..." but I thought that wasn't nice so if you have a blog and there is no mention of the Yarn Thing podcast, you might want to change that ;-)

Without further adieu:

The Yarn Harlot book goes to Michele.

The Cover Up Book goes to Little Sis Knits

Now, if you won please send me an email MARLYBUFF@AOL.COM with your name, address and phone number ;-)

Okay, now on with the show!

Music: (60 second clips)

You Make Me Feel (like dancing) by Leo Sayer
Groove Is In The Heart by Deee-Lite
Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel by Tavares
Cuban Pete by Jim Carrey in The Mask


You can find Drew at

The Crochet Guild of America can be found at

What is Drew's new book?

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Drew's Book with Annie


Sew Happy said...

Please don't record in stereo. When you do this you cannot hear the whole interview if you only use one earbud. Thanks

YarnThing said...

The hard part about not recording the conversations in stereo is that it makes it very hard to edit. See, when I record in stereo I am able to silence either myself or the other person so we aren't talking over one another.

I could try and make it mono after I do the editing but it might still pose the same problem.

I know there are several of you out there that like to listen at work with one earbud in so I will do my best to make it better for you. The last thing I want is for you to be unhappy and stop listening.