Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Episode 34: Crochet Kim

As promised, here is the wonderful interview with Kim Guzman aka Crochet Kim. She is an incredible crocheter and a fantastic woman!

I really hope you enjoy the show.


Here are the links that Kim and I talked about on the show.

Jennie Gaskin's site is Country Yarns where you can find back orders of Crochet with Heart magazine.

Recommended website when grading patterns:

Recommended software is Knitware which can be found here:

Recommended books for learning to grade patterns:

Professional Pattern Grading by Jack Hansford

The Apparel Design and Production Handbook: A Technical Reference

The Spec Manual by Michele Bryant

ETA a little note from Kim!:

Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that the laceweight wrap I mentioned during the interview is available for sale on my website now:
My "experiment" with laceweight that I mentioned has turned into an almost overnight success and it is already at #4 in Ravelry's most popular recent crochet patterns. :-)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Episode 33: Harloony Anniversary to Me!

What is a HARLOONY? That is what John calls
all of us Yarn Harlot Fans!

Has it been a year already?


Listen to the newest Yarn Thing Episode Here!
(hey, I know the mic. was a little too close but oh well, I will do better next time ;-)

Music: (60 second clips)

Black Horse & the Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall
Bright Light by Matchbox 20
Good Day by Luce
Follow You Down by the Gin Blossoms
Cuban Pete by Jim Carrey in The Mask


Thing I learned from Knitting...whether I wanted to or not by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Cover Up by Nicky Epstein,
More Big Girl Knits by Jillian Moreno and Amy Singer
Knitting new Mittens and Gloves by Robin Melanson
The Knitters Book of Finishing Techniques by Nancie Wiseman
The Essential Book of Crochet Techniques by Nancie Wiseman
Shibori knitted Felt by Alison Crowther-Smith
Start Spinning by Maggie Casey

Stitch Markers:

So, do you want to buy some stitch markers from Marly? Of course you do! Like I said in the podcast I have been making stitch markers like CRAZY! I am in LOVE with them. It seems like everybody I them too tells me to sell them online.

Those of you who know me know that it doesn't take a lot of prodding to get me to do something. I kind of just jump in while the idea is still warm ;-) So here I go, I am going to sell stitch markers for both Crochet and Knitting. I think every project should have a little bling ;-)

I will let you know as soon as they are officially up for sale. But to give you a heads up the prices will range from 3.00 for a single marker to 10-15.00 for a set. FREE SHIPPING!!!


String: a yarn boutique
The Yarn Harlot and Yarn Thing
Terri aka StarSpry
Vogue Knitting


1. Leave a comment on this blog post and be entered to win the book from Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee. Winner will be picked randomly.

2. On your blog post about the podcast and link to this site ( Be sure to use the link at least once so I can look at my statcounter to see all the blogs I am getting linked from and randomly pick a winner from there. Win the book Cover Up with Nicky Epstein.

3. Leave a note on the Yarn Thing Podcast Group Thread Stitch Marker CRAZY in Ravlery saying you listened to the show and want to be entered to win the stitch markers. I will randomly pick a winner and send you out a set of my new stitch markers (your choice of knitting or crochet)

Deadline May 3, 2008

Thank you! You have been a great audience.
Don't forget to tip your waitress!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I met the Yarn Harlot...again :-)

Hey everybody, remember episode 5?

Well, last night I went to meet THE Yarn Harlot again here in Colorado. It was too perfect since this is my one year anniversary for the podcast.

Anyway, you all can be sure I am going to tell you all about it. is a fantastic story and I have PRIZES to give away! ready to listen to episode 33: Harloony Anniversary next week!


ETA: OMG...I made it on her blog. Too Wild!!! Man I had a good time!