Saturday, April 5, 2008

I met the Yarn Harlot...again :-)

Hey everybody, remember episode 5?

Well, last night I went to meet THE Yarn Harlot again here in Colorado. It was too perfect since this is my one year anniversary for the podcast.

Anyway, you all can be sure I am going to tell you all about it. is a fantastic story and I have PRIZES to give away! ready to listen to episode 33: Harloony Anniversary next week!


ETA: OMG...I made it on her blog. Too Wild!!! Man I had a good time!


Unknown said...

I just saw your picture on her website! I am so jealous! I wasn't able to go to see her. :(

Lucky girl!

Tina said...

'The two of yous' are the busiest people! Looks like a lot of fun! Anybody coming to Austin?

fiberfriend said...

This is a comment for the book from Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee.
I live close to Portland Oregon....
The Harlot was at The Forrestry Center on Earth Day...(the 22nd)
I wanted so very badly to go see her but I work nights. What a BUMMER!... untilI heard your experience with her on your podcast.
I laughed so hard!!!!!
Just listening to YOU having a good time made everything all better!
Thanks Marly!
You are Awesome!
Debi,(fiberfriend)on Ravely