Saturday, March 14, 2009

Changing Host :-)

Well, given the problems with my old podcast host I have decided that it is time to change host...and format while I am at it.

It is no secret that I have spent a LOAD of time on editing my podcast but no more. It is time to get Marly LIVE you think you can handle it?

Join me, and let's chat...yep, you and me...together. And maybe a few of my designer friends thrown in the mix.

It will always be the same BAT CHANNEL but the BAT TIME may change depending on my schedule. So, stay tuned

Here is the new link...

1 comment:

Karen in Maine said...

Wow, Marly, I've missed you--haven't heard your show in months. Thought you podfaded last fall. Found you here via ManicPurl's mention, but still can't subscribe to your show. Even the link on your new host is a dead one. Here's wishing you good luck in working out those host issues so your listeners can easily subscribe via iTunes once again and catch up on back episodes. We want our Marly!