Monday, December 31, 2007

Episode 24: Happy New Year

Well, finally I have don't a new episode! Are you excited?

Music: (only 60 second clips)

Cruel Summer by Ace of Base
Everybody by Backstreet Boys
Kiss the Rain by Billie Myers
Cuban Pete by Jim Carrey in The Mask


Ravelry Kal?

Anybody want to do a KAL with me on Ravelry? I want to make the cabled scarf in the Winter 07/08 issue of Vogue Knitting. Pattern #12. If you do leave a message on the Yarn Thing Podcast Group

Notice all the Ornaments are at the TOP of the tree?
It didn't start out that way.
But the little one couldn't keep his hands of!
Whatcha Gonna Do?

Merry Christmas to Everybody
Happy New Year


Eileen said...

Beautiful children! We took our tree down the day after Christmas because of our 2 year old. :-) Couldn't deal with her messing up the tree skirt and taking ornaments off and putting them all over the house anymore. :-)

Love your podcast! Happy New Year!

Creative Life Studio said...

Oh, Marly, your kids are just darling! Just look at your little one's *eyes*! :)

I was thrilled to see such a long show posted. Some podcasts that I listen to, I save for when I sit and knit and others to keep me company for when I am hanging clothes out to dry or other chores. But a very few - like yours - I just listen to right away, because you never fail to make me smile or laugh and really brighten my day!

I just CRACKED UP when you did your impersonation of Sharon!! Just perfect! Not offensive at all - just sweet and funny. :)

I'm glad you enjoy doing the podcast as much as I enjoy listening. Thanks for all the hard work you did in '07; I'm really looking forward to another year of Yarn Thing!

Happy New Year and God Bless,

YarnThing said...

Thanks you two! It always makes me feel good to know that I made you day a little brighter!

The kiddos are cute aren't they? Although, I am a little biased!

Little do you know that as soon as that picture was taken they began to run around the house trying to kill each other. *sigh* Just another day in my life :-)


Anonymous said...

Congrads on teaching those classes at knit-knack. That is so awesome!

Pam said...

Marly, I have enjoyed your podcasts I just started listening sometime this late summer or early fall and since then you and Sharon have been a huge inspiration to me. I have never felted or knit so much in my life and now I want to learn to crochette ( did I spell that right??)) Oh well, I know how the young children go ours are 8,5,3 and wow, they can really get into trouble fast. Love the swimming in the bathroom story and the laundry soap all over the floor story. You make everything so real. No fufu with you just straight up. Thanks a million.


Oh, and a question for you to answer on your next podcast. How many knit or crochetted items did you do in 2007?? and what was your favorite and why???

Pam said...

Marly, I have something for you to talk about on your next podcast how about Stashes???? Take a peak at mine on my blog

I love how you always talk about your hubby and his alway asking about why you bought more yarn.... Don't you have enought!!!!! comments. Do I compare or have you got a more skeins of fibery goodness.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marly! I started listening to your podcast about 2 weeks ago, started knitting about 3 weeks ago. I love your podcast. You're so much fun to listen to, I just laugh the whole time along with you! Can't wait for your next one!

Anonymous said...

Hey Marly,

Listener from the beginning. Homeschooling papa, university professor, actor, and director who knits for fun and stress relief. Member of two knitting/crochet groups in Tokyo and Yokohama, some of whom listen to you as well. Keep up the good work! Your podcast is so fresh and unscripted. In fact, I use your podcast in one of my classes as an example of contemporary American ethnographic journaling. My students love you and your stories. Lots of podcasts have all sorts of info but you are a natural storyteller . . . very compelling and unfiltered. A request: tell the story of being fired for crocheting at work. No schadenfreude here, just sounds like an interesting story. Another point or two re Episode 24 and Kal Cal episodes: a Japanese knitted stuffed toy is called "ah-mi-gu'-ru-mi". Also, about "itchiness of Noro yarn": you may have come across the most common line called "Kureyon" (wooly, GREAT for felting, bright colors but coarse and itchy for my money). Try the line called "Silk Garden" (a soft wool/silk blend). It was the first yarn I ever knitted with and I always go back to it. Makes gorgeous, subtly-gradated socks! Keep up the great work. You have fans that span the globe.
Sincerely, Dr. Hamilton Hamilton

Anonymous said...

Hey Marly,

I know I've talked to you in the past over on skype but I haven't seen you there lately and I had something to say! LOL.

In one of the recent episodes (one or two back maybe?) you mentioned people coming up to you while crocheting and asking what you were knitting.

Well I consider myself a knitter over a crocheter but I do both. Heck, if you really want to get technically I spin far more than I knit or

What you said reminded me of times that I've been knitting and people come up and ask me what I'm crocheting. So it does go both ways. :) I meant to send you a note earlier but I hadn't had a chance and couldn't remember anything specific until this past Saturday when someone turned around to tell me that, "he'd never seen anyone crochet at a basketball game before." The girl next to me was a crocheter and we just looked at each other. lol. Then we kindly informed him of the differences which baffled him even more. :)

I haven't listened to the new episode because college is killing me right now, but I'm REALLY looking forward to it. :) Have a great week!

Sydney said...

I really adore your podcast (this is my first time). Pretty sure you have seen it or read it already but the special issue of knitscene has some nice crochet patterns (I too crochet) and has a piece by Shannon Okey on top-down raglans for big girls (as I am a big girl too).