Thursday, February 28, 2008

Episode 28: Strike a Pose

HUGE Announcement in this episode!!!
I still can't believe it!
You all GOTTA leave me feedback...okay?

Music (60 second clips)

Alice Dejay
Vogue by Madonna
Lucky Star by Madonna
Cuban Pete by Jim Carrey


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Unknown said...

HI Marly! I just finished listening otyour podcast on my way home from work today! I really enjoyed the interview. As a mostly knitter, it was interesting to hear more about crocheters!

Diane said...

Greetings Knitster,

I would dearly welcome the opportunity to be on your fabulous podcast to further discuss that troubling topic of "prejudice in the knitting/crochet community". A topic rarely discussed outside our tiny left-handed circles, but in dire need of an "outing" is hostility and ignorance about left-handed knitting. Would you consider it? In the name of educating the masses? Check out my blog/website and any comments about me on Ravelry.
LeftoutKnitter on Ravelry and

better bite fast, before the early onset dementia takes another chunk out of my brain :)

Kelly said...


I just got your message on my blog. I didn't think you'd find me, but I guess I'm not that inconspicuous (sp?). Anyway, thanks for the feedback. I was kind of worried that you would take offense to what I said, but I'm very glad it all worked out. Again, love the podcast. Keep those episodes coming!

Tina said...

Hi Marly*

Great podcast as always:) Congratulations on your celeb interview, that was so much fun to hear** Your laugh is infectious, i hope you know and I look foreward to your next podcast, always.

I am having trouble with my IPOD and I am wondering if anybody else has this problem. My podcasts are no longer showing up where they are suppose to. I have to hunt for them and have not been able to catch up to my podcasts since the beginning of the year. I just now (today) figured out that they are in my genres menu on my IPOD. Can anyone tell me what happened or how to fix it?? I have a lot of podcasting to catch up on:)

Also, I have a fellow Girl Scout mom whom also knits and she is a leftie also. She says she is alienatied from patterns and often gets into a pattern for several hours until she sees the mistake and has to frog. A definite problem in the knitting community. Crocheters are not the only ones alienated. Also, I am a crocheter who just learned to knit:)


Anonymous said...

I'll listen your podcast in the evening. Anyway, thank you.