Sunday, March 23, 2008

Marly's Tip Jar

Well, some of you might have noticed that I added a new feature to the blog. Yep, that is right...I have added a way for you to donate to your favorite Podcast :-)

I am not sure if you all know how much time it takes to put the podcast together. If you add the time it takes to coordinate the pre-interviews and the interviews, research and putting together the right questions we all want to know the answers to, editing the show, picking the right music, putting together the show notes, exporting into a MP3 then getting it uploaded to the site it can easily take up to 55 hours an episode! YES...FIFTY FIVE HOURS!

Could you imagine doing something that took up that much time and not to get paid for it? Well, of course you can. You all are knitters and crocheters :-) Then why am I adding the tip jar?

Well, I posted a question on Ravelry regarding just that. I wanted to know if it would be bad to add a tip jar to the site and the general consensus was that it was a GREAT idea. So, there you have it. I add a way for you to donate a buck or two or three to the Yarn Thing Podcast.

I would type more but John is breathing over my shoulder to use the computer. I will jump on later to say more...



Tina said...

Good for you and great for us!! I would hate to think The Yarn Thing would become a burden, which happens when you donate your time without pay for an extended time. I love listening to your podcasts and appreciate everything you do for us:) Keep on doing what you're doing and we will be hear listening to all the great jibe**

Knitting Therapy said...

I know how to crochet but currently I only knit. When I listened to your podcast today I was wondering to myself why I continued to listen because you have focused on crochet. The answer is simple, I enjoy listening to your enthusiasm. You come across as a very genuine and caring person. I enjoy laughing with you.

When you asked for donations today, I could not resist. You have a purpose for the money and it is to the benefit of all of us that you succeed in your achieving your dreams.

You go girl! We will live vicariously through your enthusiastic reports as you work towards your goal.