Friday, May 25, 2007

Inspired by Nature KAL

Hello everybody, I got an email from a listener today, Tracy, regarding a new KAL that she has started. So, being the little informer that I am (lol) I immediately thought I would tell all of you about it!

Got and check it out!
Here is the gist of it:

See it.
Get outside- yeah- wear a hat-n-sunscreen- you'll be okay. Look around!
Find something beautiful, you want to capture in fiber!
Love it. Take a picture...Paint a picture...Draw a picture...or just remember it.
Find it. Start shopping- for a pattern and yarn that will help you capture what you saw.
Knit it. Join the KAL and cast-on! Post your progress!
Hope you check it out-

They are starting with a Cashmere Contest (wahoo)!

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