Thursday, May 17, 2007

Where is Episode 11?

Sorry ya'll! I am not feeling too well and don't think it is a good idea to do a podcast this week.
I know, I know, that makes you all sad but just think of how much I will have to talk about next week with two weeks worth of things happening!

Until then, drop me a line and let me know what you have been working on, please?

I am really interested to know :-)

Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Bummer - I'm missing you! But take care of yourself!

I'm continuing to knit on my Big Shrug - but it's rapidly becoming too hot out here to work on it - so it might be put away for the summer. Can't wear it in 100plus heat anyway!

Started and frogged toe-up socks (magic loop, 2 at once) in Cascade Fixation - they were simply too big. Hope to restart today.

Since I'm putting the Big Shrug away - just decided - then I'm going to drag out the lace weight yarn in my stash and knit a lace scarf.

Now I'm totally going to copy and paste this into my blog - I'm so lazy! ;)

knitting2relax said...

Hi Marly,

Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Rest and relax.

I've been working on knitting swatches for Beth at Doodlebirds Creations of the yarn I had bought from her. Three down, one to go. My daughter is using the swatches as wrist bands.

You read my blog so you've probably seen the sock I finished last week. I still need to do the other one, just doing the swatches first.

Other than that, I'm surfing Etsy and looking at the new stuff posted under Knitting, reading blogs, reading the L&V msgboard and trying to resist becoming a Loopy Groopie so soon after placing my 5th order. LOL Ordered some patterns so will get more projects going soon.

Anonymous said...

take care of yourself and get well okay!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I wanted to drop a note. Three out of five of us in my family have come down with mono. Yuck! The good thing was, since I didn't have the energy to do hardly anything, I downloaded your podcast and spent the entire day listening and checking out all the links you mentioned! What fun!

Congrats on the podcast, and I want to thank you for the laughs! It made my day! I so want to hang out with you girls, what a hoot!


Jenn said...

Ohhhh :( I hope you feel better!!!! Can't wait to hear two weeks worth of stuff :)

Currently I am experimenting with embroidery floss I'm not crazy :) I am hoping to make them into little pins and put them into an etsy store - its all very exciting :)

- Jenn

~Kristie said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Although I'm missing your podcast this week, I think your health is the most important thing.

Get better soon! I miss you! (and I don't even know you) ;-)