Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dental Misery!!

I wanted to jump on here and let all of you know that I am still alive and have not fallen off the face of the Earth :-)

Actually, I had one of the worst days I have ever had at any medical facility on Thursday...just to give you a little clue...I was in the Dentist chair at 8:00 am and by 2:00 pm the dentist was calling an oral surgeon to see me by 4:00!

Oh, ya...and I finished my sock I was working on by 9:30 so I had NOTHING to work on for all that time!!!

Talk to you all soon!

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Anonymous said...

I started my first sock (crocheted) last night... I was so inspired by hearing about how you love making socks, so I'm going at it... thanks for the inspiration!!

:Geometrics: is my favorite crochet pattern book right now ... I'm SO in the mood to crochet... rats, who invented having to go to work!!???!!

Hope you're recovering from your day with the dentist!

Diane Lovell said...

Wow! Hope your mouth is feeling better!!! Right in the middle of the Christmas break!!!