Sunday, December 2, 2007

Episode 23: Virtual SnB with my BFF's

Well hello my Knitters and Crocheters (and a few family members who won't be caught dead doing either :-)

I just put out my newest episode of the podcast! I hope you like it. You get to listen in to my SnB with a few of my BFF's!

Tara and Janene! YEAH!

Find out what is new and see why everybody has a lip lover and some fingerless gloves made out of small balls :-)

Music 60 Second Clips

Cuban Pete by Jim Carrey
Rock n Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter
Wild, Wild West by The Escape Club

Holiday Kal-Cal Prizes! Go check them out!!

Now, enjoy some pictures :-)

Lip Lover Getting Ready for the Photo Shoot!

Oh Baby, you look HOT in that Cozy! Take it off!
Now we are talking :-)

OH, there is nothing holding you back LIP LOVER!

The Slap Happy Photographers...Janene and Marly!

And where is the Lip Lovers companion?


This is what I worked on at my party. The pattern for a very
simple purse will be up soon at

That is Janene...Surprise!

And from Left to Right: Tara, Cousin April, Jill (in pink), Janene

This is my little sister in charge of the whole Party!
Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?

The next day we went to Chilis for lunch. I still couldn't believe
the night I had just had! THANK YOU MICHELLE AND MOM!


The Undone Sweater said...

If turning 30 means a great party with my closest friends...sign me up! ;) Looks like you had a great time, and have some great friends!

Tina said...

What an awesome slumber party! You are a lucky girl:) and I loved your podcast! Thanks for the plug:P

Diane Lovell said...

Really cute podcast! Loved it!