Monday, December 10, 2007

I need your help!

Hey, I think it would be fun to have an episode full of questions from all of you. I am going to ask that you PLEASEOdeo Account I set up leave me a voice message! Just ask me questions that you want to know either about me, or crochet or knitting or whatever you think is appropriate!

Don't forget to leave me your name and if you have a blog leave me a way to get back in touch with you. I can't wait to hear what you all want to know :-)



turvid said...

I'm not (ever)going to leave my voice for U to use on your podcast, but I have a question:

Are you done with your holiday knitting/crocheting?


Kris said...

I discovered your podcast couple months back and have really enjoyed listening.

The Odeo didn't seem to work with my computer, so I figured I'd post a question here.

Is there a favorite fiber moment... Like the discovery of that special yarn or perhaps (my favorite) are the yarn crawls with my SnB gals.

What is your favorite fiber moment?

The Undone Sweater said...

Is there any fiber you don't like to work with?

How many holiday projects did you finish?

Anonymous said...

Hey Marly! Okay, so I feel like I know you - just because I've spent the past two days at work listening to your podcasts. I just found you (obviously two days ago) and subscribed - listened to the latest podcast and went back and started at the beginning pod-catching your first episodes.
So! I'm a crocheter - my best friend is a yarn-aholic and isn't really able to force herself to decide between knitting and crocheting. I haven't been working on anything lately - had several projects in various stages of completion - but listening to you at work (where they won't let me crochet while I do my actual job! the very idea!) has inspired me to get my stuff out to work on again! Yeah for me! ... let's see - I totally wanted to comment on the knit/crochet (mine's better than yours) thing... I get a little touchy myself when someone see's me working on something and says, "So hey - whatcha knitting?" "I'M NOT KNITTING! I'M CROCHETING! They're DIFFERENT!" to which the answer is usually, "Yeah, so whatcha making?" I'm really envious of the socks you obviously enjoy making so much - can't I crochet socks??? Is there a pattern somewhere??? So anyway...
my email is and I do have a 360-blog where I talk about losing my 17-year-old daughter to suicide on 12-31-05 - nowhere near as much laughter as you've shared with me - to my unending gratitude.
I love the B-N-S episodes. I'll be caught up soon (I work on a computer all day where they allow us to listen to earphones - tgfi - thank goodness for ipods) and I'm enjoying every minute of catching up! Just wanted to say THANKYOU!!
-Jennifer in Virginia

Anonymous said...

Marly, the book you mentioned in podcast 20, Mostly Mittens, is available on, but it is very expensive and is only available used. Also, the twisted sisters sock book is available on amazon.

Unknown said...

Marly, do you know where I can find video where Yarn Harlot shows her style of knitting?
She knits fast and I want to learn her way of knitting
Thank you :)